The Airstream Foundation

Airstream founder Wally Byam made history by building the world’s first Airstream travel trailer. Today, the non-profit Airstream Foundation honors nearly 100 years of history-making adventures by preserving vintage Airstreams and historic Airstream memorabilia for display in the Airstream Heritage Center museum.

Donating Your Piece of Airstream History

If you are looking for a home for your treasured vintage Airstream or rare collection of Airstream nostalgia, please consider a donation to the Airstream Foundation. 

The Airstream Foundation collects, preserves, and shares historical materials to be enjoyed by visitors to the Airstream Heritage Center. Accepted historical materials include:

Travel trailer flat icon

Airstream and WBCCI memorabilia and accessories

Camera flat icon

Photographs, 35 mm slides, photo negatives in all sizes

Newspaper flat icon

Published materials (books, ads, brochures, etc.)

VHS or cassette tape flat icon

Cassette tapes, VHS, and misc. professional video tapes

Film reel flat icon

Film reels (8 mm, 16 mm, and
35 mm)

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DVDs and CDs

The Airstream Heritage Center

Located inside Airstream HQ in Jackson Center, Ohio, the Airstream Heritage Center brings Airstream’s rich history to life in a museum space that highlights over 90 years of globetrotting adventures and cutting edge innovation while celebrating the thousands of associates who have helped build these “dreams come true” since 1931.